We teach yogis* how to generate the highest levels of self-efficacy and personal well-being through a modernized yoga curriculum.

*if you believe in your potential, you are a yogi


Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring a culture of self-exploration, to continuously advance, simplify, and share yoga as a premier process of self-optimization, and thereby to increase the standard of individual and collective well-being.


Morning Meditations

Through lectures, skill specific trainings, and open meditations you’ll learn to recognize, stabilize, and then command the four primary functions of your mind. This leads to awareness.

Afternoon Breathing Workshops

To increase your lung capacity, diaphragm strength, and sensitivity to body sensations you’ll learn a set of traditional breathing techniques that progress from simple to advanced. This leads to presence.

Evening Rituals

The mystical experience of yoga is a state of awe that comes by feeling life as infinite and unknowable. The evening meditations use symbolic actions and repetition to provoke awe. This leads to fulfillment.